Why You May Need A Secure Conference Call?

Image source: The Verge
Image source: The Verge

Connecting with people would not have been easier had conference calling not been there. It allows you to communicate with one or more people at one time to gossip or discuss something at a minimal cost. For families, it is fun to chit-chat with their loved ones while being able to see them. And for businesses, it is a convenient way to convey an important message across the team.

Recently, we have witnessed a surge in people working remotely – either due to business requirements or for some other reasons. In such cases, teleconferencing becomes crucial to establish a connection between the employee and the employer. Since people share a lot of sensitive business information or personal details over a conference call, you must host it safely. Keeping that in mind, here, you will get to know why you may need a secure video conferencing call.

Uninvited Guests

Before inviting people over a conference call, you need to send them dial-in details via e-mails or text messages. In doing so, there is a greater possibility that you mistakenly send it to someone who has nothing to do with it. If this happens, you might have uninvited guests during the conference call who you do not even know.

These unwanted participants can disturb your meeting or create a mess. Worst, cybercriminals can gain access to the meeting room, steal confidential information, and pose a security threat to the business. Therefore, you must be very cautious when sharing details for a prospective conference call.

Privacy Concerns

As everything goes live during a video conference call, it is highly likely that hackers infiltrate your device, access its camera, and spy on you using spyware. To avoid such incidents, always turn off the camera on your computer or smartphone once the call is over.

Another privacy concern is attending a video conference call over unsecured Wi-Fi. It is like exposing yourself to hackers. They can easily access a call and sneak into confidential information as well as steal your identity to commit fraud.

Data Leakage

Sometimes it is hard for hosts to know the exact number of meeting attendees or who they are. Unaware of the fact, they can share classified financial and legal information or even trade secrets with the members. Uninvited guests can leak this information to their advantage.

The conference call serves as a communication channel between businesses and their clients or employees. Also, it is where individuals share personal details with one or more people. That said, it provides cybercriminals with an easy way to invade personal privacy and disclose secrets. So, next time you join a conference call, make sure you are using the services of a secure video conferencing provider.