Why Is Big Data Analytics And Business Intelligence So Famous/Important?

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From the beginning of the 21st century, every technology giant now is using Big Data solutions in India due to its evolved concept. Data is one of the path-breakers for today’s businesses and technology world. In addition, we cannot deny the fact that digital advancements have revolutionized our lives tremendously. Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence are used for gaining insights for making strategic business decisions. One of its applications is business intelligence, with which companies now access data-driven tools to know their customers and do much more.

Today, we will learn what makes BI & Data Analytics so important because they have successfully evolved the business landscape.

Importance of Big Data Analytics

Data has much value to offer, but analytics plays a more significant role in unlocking it. With efficient data analysis techniques, businesses get insights to improve their performance, know their customers, ad campaigns, budgeting, etc.

The increasing value of big data analytics makes it essential for the business in the below ways:

  1. Customer Service: With customer data insights such as their interests and preferences, you can tailor your customer service per your customer’s needs, offer personalization and build a stronger relationship.
  1. Decision-Making: The insights from data analytics can make informed business decisions, eventually resulting in better outcomes. Data analytics makes it possible to plan marketing campaigns, choose content for creation, develop products, and more. With the 360-degree customer view it offers, you can understand your customers and meet their needs.
  1. Marketing: Data analytics gives insights into how your campaigns perform, which can be optimized later for better outcomes. Using the information of which audience segments are primarily interacting with a campaign and getting converted, you can adjust your targeting criteria, improve targeting results and reduce ad costs.
  1. Operations: Data analytics can streamline your business processes and save money as an improved customer understanding can waste less time creating ads and content that does not interest your audience leading to improved results from your campaigns. Eventually, it can boost your revenue with increased conversions, ads, or subscriptions.

Importance of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence combines data from multiple sources, analyzes, and then disseminates the information to the stakeholders. With this, the companies can make intelligent business decisions and much more as below:

  1. Customer Insights: Business Intelligence allows businesses to observe and analyze customer buying trends. With this information, you can create products, improve customer expectations and improve your organization with informed decision-making.
  2. Efficiency: BI Systems improve efficiency in the organizations, increasing productivity and increasing revenue. With a Business Intelligence system, businesses can share information, save reporting time, extract data and interpret it. With this, organizations can eliminate the task of processing redundant data.
  3. Real-Time Data: BI systems provide users to access data in real-time using spreadsheets, dashboards, and emails. Using Business Intelligence tools, large amounts of data can be assimilated, interpreted, and distributed accurately while leveraging it.
  4. Sales Insight: A Business Intelligence system helps organizations identify new customers, track and retain the existing ones, and offer post-sale services.
  5. Visibility: The business intelligence system gives organizations better control over their processes and operating procedures with its visibility. Business Intelligence focuses on all areas of your organization to identify the areas that need improvement.

How BI & Data Analytics Together Help Businesses?

The combination of BI and analytics can bring in innovative thinking and solution for the organizations and can help them in the following ways:

  1. Customer Analysis: When used to drive Business Intelligence, Big Data helps identify the right customers who are beneficial and profitable to the company. The real-time insights of the client demand patterns offer the enterprises to leverage their inventory to the orders. Thus, consumer analysis is a great use case for businesses as it helps drive customer satisfaction.
  1. Inventory Analysis: A combination of BI and BD gives a detailed operations summary to the operational managers. The real-time information lets finance managers know the margins of gains to assure they have the maximum profits from their inventory. As everything happens on the cloud, it also reduces hardware and maintenance costs.
  1. Sales Analysis: The patterns obtained from the big data show the strengths, weaknesses, and changes the company has made. If the business wants to know the highest sales and the time taken to make them, the right business intelligence can be applied to extract this data. The business intelligence agent screen data displays the performing and underperforming areas with which the enterprises can make reliable decisions, solve issues, and identify potential opportunities.


Today, for every business, great Analytics, Big Data, and business intelligence are essential. Data is the most important, and BI can extract the value from it. Thus, leveraging data for improving a company’s process must be an integral part of the core business values.

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