Web-Version Of Whatsapp To Roll Out With Voice And Video Calling Buttons Soon

Credit: PhoneWorld
Credit: PhoneWorld

Recent updates call that Whatsapp is working on its new feature to bring the video and voice calling option for Whatsapp web. This feature has been rumored between the people for the past year and now the rumors are getting true. As per the researches, this feature for the Whatsapp web version will slowly and slowly roll out for people to use. These assumptions have been made after some users took to Twitter and posted the screenshot about this feature of video and voice calling buttons on Whatsapp web.

Guillermo Tomoyose, a person from Argentina came to Twitter and posted a screenshot of Whatsapp web. In the screenshot posted by him, you can easily spot that the voice call and video call buttons are there in the version of Whatsapp web. Along with this, you can also see that beta is written over the thing that has appeared on the web version of the application. Guillermo Tomoyose said that this beta version for video and voice calling on Whatsapp web has rolled out in Argentina and soon will be there for the whole world. However, only a few people are going to get access to the beta version of this feature so don’t you worry.

Whatsapp is rolling out these new features of the voice and video calling button, but unfortunately being the beta version it is available for a few only. We hope that you must be lucky enough to get this feature but in case you don’t, there is no need to worry. Every day more and more users will get activation for this feature and at present Whatsapp web is a very high priority, reports said. Earlier the details about how this feature is going to look like were shared on the internet but now the screenshots are saying everything.

The screenshots shared by Guillermo Tomoyose, clearly show that every time when you will receive a call or will make a call to some new window is going to be opened. And this is a feature going to be very much interesting for people to use. You just need to get connect with the browser to know whether the feature has come to your country or not.

In October 2020, Whatsapp reported first to be working on this video and voice calling feature. They said that we have already announced that we are working on a new feature for Whatsapp web and today we are happy to announce about new details provided from WhatsApp web 2.2043.7 update. Whatsapp is going to consider the voice and video calling buttons in the new few weeks, even if the development is there in the beta stage. Ergo, there is no official announcement by Whatsapp about this new feature.

However, to have constant updates about the update of the new feature you just need to keep reading the articles on the browser.