Telegram Software Features

Image source: techcrunch

Image source: techcrunch

In this article, we are going to talk about telegram’s features.

Telegram is cloud-based fast texting, voice-over IP service, and video telephony with end-to-end encryption for a private chat. Telegram applications are available for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux / GNU and started in 2013 in Russia. Telegram users can send messages and share pictures, audio, video, stickers, GIFs, emoji, and any document. Telegram’s client-side code is a free app, although its server-side code is closed source and proprietary. Some useful telegram features are given below:-

Edit Photos/ Videos Before sending them

You do not need any other photo/video editor to make your images/videos more spectacular. You can employ its intuitive interface directly in the Telegram application. To modify images/videos, click “Attach File” and select a document from the display, or take a new photo/video from the camera. When you do this, you will see various options to modify the file before sending it. You can crop the image, change the colour, contrast, exposure, and add emoji, GIF, sticker, and text to the video/photo.

Terminate Active Session

If someone has taken your device, and you don’t want him/her to view messages in your chat, you can quickly terminate all active sessions with only one tick using your smartphone, Mac, Linux, desktop, or web users. To end each active session, go to “Settings”, choose “Security and Security”, and click “Active Sessions” later. You will get all your active sessions with your device information. Please select the one you need to end or end each one of them.

Clear Telegram Local Database Or Cache

The Telegram app allows you to deal with the storage of the device. All records from your device will be cleared after the selected time, but they will remain in the Telegram cloud forever, so you can download them again when you need them. There is an option to clear the local database and cache. This is a convenient feature for users who need to save device space. To achieve this, go to “Settings”, then “Data and Storage”, and later tap on “Storage Usage”. You will see four options: Keep media on your device for three days, one week, one month or forever.

Customize Theme And Message Corners

The Telegram application offers a lot of options for customization to make the application feel like a genuinely personal experience. Here is a review of the interface element you can change:

     Message corner

     Application colour theme

     Turn auto night mode on / off

     Chat background

     Show large emoji

Each of these options is available under the “Chat Settings” section.

Telegram Bots Feature

Telegram – Bots are just standard Telegram accounts, which can be coded to improve user experience and used to add more features. You can find these bots from the top search bar on the home page. For example,

@ImageBot – Sends images related to your keywords.

Edit Sent Message

Press and hold on the message you need to edit and afterwards tap the “edit” button. From that point, you can change the message and resend it. Telegram app will put an “edited” name on the message to tell receivers of the update.

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