Some Of The Best Unlock Hidden Smartphone Features With Secret Codes

Image source: Entrepreneur
Image source: Entrepreneur

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is also referred to as quick codes or feature codes. This is basically an extra-UI protocol that helps people to unlock the hidden features present they’re on smartphones. This protocol was designed for GSM phones but now can be found CDMA devices as well.

If you are really interested in trying out these USD codes then refer to this article. We have provided some of the best codes with their importance, have a look to know in detail.

  1. *3001#12345#*- Field Mode:

Type the above-mentioned android phone information code in your phone dialer and then press the green call button to access down the field mode. This is a mode that helps you in having information about all the local networks and cell towers. You will probably never have to know about local cell towers but it is fun to look round for a bit. So, just go and check out easily by dialing the above-mentioned code.

  1. *#0*#- General Test Mode:

This is an android mobile testing code that works on android and is a code that prompts a library of different phone operations. Yes, you are hearing correct this code helps in prompting library for different phone operations just by a single push. (e.g. Sleep, Front Cam, Vibration, etc.)

  1. *#06#- Display your IEMI:

To access it, type the above android mmi code list in the dial option, and after that press the green button. This will further help you in knowing your IEMI number. The IEMI number is unique for every device. Among the other things, this code can help blacklist all the stolen devices or help with customer support. Hence, to know out the IEMI number of your device you should definitely try out this code.

  1. *#67#- Check your Call Forwarding:

This is the android mobile testing code that allows you to check which number your phone is currently forwarding the calls too when you are busy or when you reject the call.

By default, this is your carrier voice mail service but you can easily change it to forward to a different mobile number. On the iPhone, you can easily change this number by going to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding. If you want to change it on android phones, then you should go to Phone app > hamburger icon > Settings > Call > More Settings > Call forwarding. Ergo, this is how the call forwarding number can be easily changed down by the people.

  1. *#61#- More information about Call Forwarding:

On Galaxy phones, this code is prompted as a pop-up and explains explain how long until a call is forwarded to the message center. But if you are using an iPhone, then this code will just show the same information as *#67#.

  1. *646#- Check your available Minutes:

However, this is a code that only works for postpaid plans. So, check your available call minutes through this code but instead of showing information on a new screen, this code sends you a text message about the call minutes.

  1. *225#- Check your Bill Balance:

This is a code through which you can easily check your balance that is left. Moreover, this helps you in knowing when to pay the next bill out. Try out this code to have more and more information.

  1. *#31#- Hide phones from Caller ID:

This is a code that usually works on androids. By entering this code, you will see a message that prompted a pop-up stating that Caller ID had been disabled. Ergo, if you want to re-instate it out then type *31#.

  1. *43#- Activate Call Waiting:

This android network settings code helps you to call waiting for activation. Try this out to know more.

  1. *5005*7672#- SMS Message Center:

This is a code that tells you about the SMS message center number of yours.

Hence, these are the top-ten mobile screen test code that you should have information on. If you want to know more hidden features of smartphones then message us through comments.