Rich Client Protocol or RCP – Galaxy S5

Credit: Innov8tiv

Developers of RCP say that the apps with Rich client protocol can be transferred and used in multiple devices. If you are just a random android phone user then you don’t have to look for it, but if you are an app developer RCP can be of great use to you. RCP is a software which consists of a collection of lower level frameworks and components such as the (microkernel) core, lifecycle manager, standard bundling framework, file buffers, portable widget toolkit, text editors, a port mapper and text handling.

What is rcp components on android?

Rcpc components android is a separate module for controlling the graphics tools, mapping tool and other background softwares in a device and promotes smooth functioning of the devices for rcp components samsung.

Samsung galaxy s5 and its bloatware

What is rcp components Samsung, the rcp components galaxy s5 comes with a group of powerful android apps, from its S Health fitness software. This flagship phone comes with loaded bloatware. The most annoying thing in having an android phone is having unnecessary preloaded apps which are not used and yet reduce storage space. These bloatware apps may take upto 3 GB storage space. For example we can look into the Samsung push notification service which popup notifications relating to all the samsung services such as the samsung pay for giving instant notification.

Is it recommended to remove this bloatware softwares from your android phone?

Do i need rcp components and what is rcp components, Rich Client Protocol is a component that plays an important role in android phone, it is important for any individual who knows coding. With RCP a developer can create a new app without having the proper tool and for more understanding these RCP apps mostly run in the background and support your android device operations. Hence, it is recommended to remove these apps only after understanding and gaining overall knowledge about these to prevent your android system from crashing.

How to remove unwanted apps

To disable applications that you don’t use, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings on your device.
  2. Choose Applications.
  3. Select App Manager.
  4. And disable all the unwanted preinstalled apps.

Some of the disabled apps may not be needed for proper functioning of the android device and on the other hand if you have disabled some needed software then don’t panic just follow the above mentioned procedure and select activate instead of selecting disable. And when you disable these apps it won’t get removed from your android device and takes some storage space but your battery will be saved from extra drainage of life and it won’t annoy you as it did before.


I conclude that rcp components app is only required for developers who develop android apps and for normal android users it is not required to understand about RCP and it is portable to a number of devices, Instead of creating an app from scratch it helps the developers to work with a tested framework that is provided by computing platform. So the developer has to write the code alone to make his new application.