Primewire – What Happened To The Site

Primewire pages not loading

Primewire sites is one of the best websites to watch series, TV shows, movies, etc for free without spending our hard earned money. It has millions of shows in it and this site was called Let me watch this and later it was updated as 1channel and now Primewire. While using the free sites the first thing that comes to our mind is whether this is legal or illegal because there is a significant difference between streaming and downloading. If you are downloading any copyrighted movies or videos from any illegal sites then if you get caught you will be liable to pay compensation for copyright infringement and there may also be a punishment of imprisonment for up to 5 years. The above mentioned is the law but the reality of procedures followed are not even near to these punishments. The question of what is wrong with primewire and why it is not accessible will be answered below.

Ways to enter PrimeWire

If you want to use primewire then to protect your device from external attacks it is recommended to use VPN as it will allow you to change your location and will make it hard for the fraudster to target you and if your country allows you to use primewire then follow the steps below to get the full experience.

  1. First start by downloading a good antivirus and VPN software like avast and Tomato VPN.
  2. Now to access prime mirror the old site is not working due to the upgrade in the system so go to Google search engine and search for primewire mirror.
  3. And for countries which don’t allow primewire then you can use the VPN settings of other counties to download the movies or to stream them online.

What to do as primewire is not accessible

Primewire pages not loading or the site is not accessible as of now because the ads were replaced by malicious ads by a hacker. Now the question is primewire down is answered yes, but you can access it in a different domain name. And if you feel like you don’t wanna use a different domain then there are many alternatives for the primewire. Before looking into the other alternatives lets see what happened to prime wire. I know the primewire members are thinking about what happened to primewire, it was hacked by hackers. In the year 2020, the primewire Domain Name System was upgraded to Euro Domain Name System and its server provider is from luxembourg. This caused some errors and the site is now not accessible. If you are thinking about what’s wrong with primewire then the answer is that its DNS server upgrade created a loophole for hackers to enter their site and hence it is not accessible.

Alternative sites for Primewire.

If you are searching google about “Is primewire working now” and if you are searching for alternatives use the below sites for best results streaming.


This site is very easy to use and it has become hard for people to live without this site due to its friendly interference. For better convenience for starters, it shows the rating of the movies and offers BlueRay quality movies.


This is the youngest online streaming movie site which is gaininging quick popularity. Just search for your movie, click the poster and start watching the movie. Niter as the name suggests it is for night owls who spend their night through movies and its black background helps us to watch movies without any strain in the eye.


Primewire being hacked may give rise to a thought that why is primewire not working and the reason is the malware in the site is being used to steal data and now some governments are trying to bring down the hackers from stealing the citizens data.