Latest And Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Image source: techgenyz
Image source: techgenyz

In this article, we are going to talk about WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp Messenger, or only WhatsApp, is an American freeware, voice-over IP (VoIP), and Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging service. It allows users to send instant messages and voice messages and share photos, videos, live user locations, documents, and other media. WhatsApp’s user application runs on a smartphone mobile. And it is also accessible from a desktop computer, as long as the user’s cell phone is connected to the Internet while using the desktop app. The service requires customers to provide a standard cellular mobile number to register with WhatsApp.

Animated Stickers                                           

WhatsApp introduced animated stickers to users around the world some time ago. Stickers will be turned on for all customers in the days to be confirmed by the organization. Funny Piaramu is the only animated sticker approved for the time that is 2.8 MB in size. As of the current execution, these animated stickers do not play on the loop.

QR Code

A new way to add your WhatsApp to anyone without asking for a phone number. This feature will help WhatsApp customers to add someone’s contact number only by scanning a QR code. It will also help to invite the sharing group without any problems. A long time ago, the QR code feature was available only on BlackBerry Messenger. WhatsApp has just launched the QR code.

Dark Mode For Web Version

WhatsApp has launched a dark mode for smartphones this year. Now, the dark theme is also available in the web version. The feature is now accessible to all customers around the world. Like the mobile version on the web too, the messaging platform has also given two options: Light and Dark Mode. Users can apply any theme out of them.

Multiple Device Support

WhatsApp has been trying various device support for a long time. Once enabled, the feature will allow customers to sign into their WhatsApp account in more than one gadget simultaneously. Currently, customers can sign in to their WhatsApp account on a single device. When the same account is signed into another device, it automatically signs out from the first gadget.

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Self Destructing Messages

This is another feature that has been going on for quite some time. Just as WhatsApp stories or status disappear after 24 hours, the client will soon have the option to send the message, which will disappear after a set time. The delete message has been renamed the disappearing or self-destructing message feature and is expected to launch in a stable version soon.

Last Seen To Selected Contacts

WhatsApp right now allows customers to show their last seen status to “Contacts” “Everyone” or Nobody. You cannot share your last seen status with selected contacts, but WhatsApp is working on this feature that will allow you to do so.

In-App Browser

WhatsApp is working on an in-app browser feature that will allow the client to open links sent in chat without redirecting them to the Internet browser. The in-app browser feature minimizes the time to open the link. It is accessible in many applications, including Twitter and LinkedIn, and is expected to work similarly.

I hope you liked this article and are excited to use these upcoming WhatsApp features.