Important Android Versions List That You Should Know About From A to Z

Image source: Honor
Image source: Honor

Every Android version after a gap of 1.5 years gets evolved with definite code names. These are the code names that are chosen in an alphabetical manner. If you are interested in gaining information on such a android version names a to z topic, then have a look down below. We will provide android version names a to z list. Let’s start the topic discussion of android all version name.

Android Cupcake- This is the very first version of Android in android versions list a to z that Google came with after buying the android company. This is also known as version 1.5 and it one of the prominent versions that highlighted the power of this true platform. Therefore, with the coming up of this version, Google kicked off its trend of naming version after yummy desserts. Hence, there are many novel features associated with this version of a cupcake, to know deep about first android version name search on Google.

Android Donut- This is also referred to as android a to z 1.6 and was the version that came out in 2009. This version was named after the very tasty ring-shaped delicacy Donut.  The specialties of this version include enhancing user-experience, text to speech support, and many more. Therefore, this is one of the best versions and is rooted the best in the highly competitive world of the Smartphone market. To have more details about going and browse on the internet.

Android Éclair- This is a android os names a to z that is named after the oblong pastry and is also referred to as Android 2.0 launched in October 2009. This is a version that has google map navigation as a highlighted feature. Some of the other features of Eclairs are flash and digital zoom options for camera, live wallpapers, multi-touch support mechanisms, and of course, and many more. Get other details on this through the browser.

Android Froyo- This is the next android names a to z in the queue. It is the android version having sheer speed and nothing else. Google got this version speed technically enhanced. There are so many features that make this android version the best if you want to have details go and search about its features on the web.

Android Gingerbread- This is an android versions names that is named the very popular ginger cookies. This is one of the freshest and new various ways for android versions. A few of its unique features include cameras, SIP internet calling, download manager, a few sensors like a barometer, and many more. Go and know more through the web.

Honeycomb- This version in android names list of Google was announced in 2011 and this was made for tablets for rapid succession. However, gingerbread was the very first android version for tablet updates. Hence, to have more information about the features of this search on the web.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich- Version 4.0 was the outcome of Google’s plan to get the succession of honeycomb. This is the version having enhanced facilities and functionality as well. In terms of design also, this version is having drastic changes. To have some more details on names of all android versions you can easily search on the web.

Android 11- This is the android latest version name 2020 and is in progress at present. However, the latest update is already made history by the developer to preview its platform that can ever be seen. Google firstlsy announced that this will come in mid-February but due to the pandemic it left incomplete. Hence, there are no details about this version release.

Hence, these above-mentioned versions of android name list should definitely be known by people in detail. If you want to gain some other knowledge on android version names from a to z then let us know through comments.