How To Win A Fantasy Cricket Match?

Image source: The Statesman
Image source: The Statesman

We all are aware of this fact that how much the people of India have a fan following for the game cricket. You can easily find people of almost all ages playing cricket either in playgrounds or in the streets. But this pandemic outbreak has forced people to stay in their homes. For this problem, a solution is too provided with the help of technology. Now people can play fantasy cricket, anywhere and at any time. These fantasy games give almost the same pleasure as that of the real game.

For fantasy cricket, the person needs to know the game. With the help of this knowledge, the person can win great prizes as well. This is a great opportunity to win as well as play your most favourite games. There are certain points that the person needs to follow if he wants to win cricket matches and also want to win great prizes. Let’s have a look at them.

  • First of all the person needs to get himself registered with the online fantasy gaming platform. The person needs to sign in or log in at that particular platform. For registration, you need to pay a certain minimal amount as well that will be reverted to you in the form of the cashback. Once this is done you are good to go to select your favourite game and start playing.
  • After that, you need to select the type of match or league you want to play. Once it is done, the next very important step is to form your cricket team of 11 players. This team will include three to five batsmen, three to five bowlers, one to three all-rounders, and one wicket-keeper. The team will also include a one-star player and one captain of the team. The selection of the whole virtual team should be done under the budget of one thousand gem points. Once you are entered in the match, your team players will start earning points that will be totalled and displayed at the end of the match.
  • While selecting the batsmen for the team always remember a maximum of 5 batsmen and a minimum of three batsmen can be included in the team. The number of batsmen that are to be included in the team depends upon the type of the pitch. If the pitch is a batting pitch maximum number of batsmen will be taken and if the pitch is a bowling pitch then the minimum number of batsmen are included. Before selecting the player always checks its previous records so that you have an idea of how he will perform in the match. It is better to pick the batsmen that bowl as well. This will help your team to gain certain extra points. Don’t depend upon a single team for the selection of the batsmen. It is better to select a variety of players.
  • While choosing a bowler always remember a maximum of three and a minimum of five bowlers can be included in the team depending upon the pitch types. It is better to select different types of bowlers for the very situation. Select on pacer, one spinner, and one death bowler from different teams so you can utilize them accordingly. Always check their wicket-taking rate also. Never choose the bowlers that give a good economy rate but don’t take wickets as this will not yield you many scores.
  • All-rounders are the players that will yield you the most scores for the team. Always remember to select a maximum of three all-rounders and a minimum of one all-rounder in the team. It is better to select the all-rounder from different teams so that it can yield you double points from both bowling as well as batting. Never go for the all-rounder player that only bats well, go for the player that does both things very well. It is better to select the all-rounder who is either a star player or the captain of the team.
  • The most important player in the cricket team a wicketkeeper. Do select the wicket-keeper whose performance from last matches was very good. A wicketkeeper is a player that can bats as well as can do keep.
  • To win the match and score well, it is better to select the captain and the star player of the team as the two different players. Because the scoring pattern of both these players is different. The star player gets scores to get multiplied by two and captain scores get multiplied with one point five.

All these above points will help you to win the match and will earn great prizes. This online fantasy gaming platform can be a great platform for people who like playing games and get first deposit bonus for sports betting. Before starting playing any of the fantasy game, research that platform. So that you are well ensured that the online gaming platform is legal. There is various fantasy cricket appand from them, you can choose the best one and start playing to earn great prizes.

With the help of these fantasy games, people were able to keep themselves entertained when the whole world was stuck at the same point. This helped people to utilize their playing and winning prizes. Today technology has a great impact on the lifestyle of the people. Now with the help of technology people enjoy their favourite game at their homes. They can make their team with their favourite players and with them they can play whatever type of match or league they want to play. This is a very easy yet tricky way to earn a lot of money. For this, you only require to have sufficient knowledge about the game and the rules that are being followed by the gaming platform. To ensure all these you can first go for the practice matches. This way it will help you to know more about the game and how to play it. This will also prepare you for more final matches and you will be able to learn how to plan your team etc.