How To Save Your Smartphone From Water Damage?

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Earlier people used to say that a human needs air, food, shelter, water, and clothing to survive. But now with time, one more thing is added to this list i.e. phones. Yes, this addition to the list is right and justified. Now, people of all ages, even children know how to operate smartphones and they want to own their phones for them as well. From this, we can know how important and dependent we all have become on phones. Apart from all these things, we have to take care of smartphones as we people spend lots of money on buying the phone. One of the most common damages caused to the phone is water. In case your Samsung phone gets badly damaged by the water it is better to take your phone to the Samsung repair store. They will provide you with the best services and guidance regarding your phone.

There are certain important things to consider to save your smartphone from water damage. Let’s have a look at them.


  • In case your phone accidentally spills in the water or any other liquid, immediately remove the liquid from the phone. The longer the liquid will stay on your phone more the damage it will cause to the phone. If the water is no spilled of immediately it will enter the other parts of the phone and will cause damage to them as well.
  • If your phone spills down in your water, it is better to immediately switch off the phone and leave it in the sunny area. Remove the back cover of the phone so that all the water can get evaporated from it.
  • If it is possible to remove the sim card, memory card, back of the phone and remove the battery from the phone. This step should not be skipped at any cost if you want that your phone must get back to its original working.
  • Use a towel to dab your phone to dry. Try not to rub your phone because it will accidentally push the liquid inside the mobile phone rather than throwing out of the phone. In case your phone was completely submerged in the water, it will be better to try vacuuming around the open holes so that the water can be soaked out from it.
  • One of the most reliable and effective tricks in case your phone comes across any water damage are to keep your phone in a sack of rice for 20-25 hours. As the rice will absorb all the moisture from the phone and will make it dry. This hack is very effective.

So these are some things to be done in case your phone meets any water damage. But in the end, it is said that in case the damage is severe do take your phone to the certified and reliable Samsung phone repair centre that will provide you with the best ways to get rid of the damage. These centres will provide their best services.