How To Enable TTY Mode In Samsung Galaxy S5? Tap To Know

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Are you a person with hearing and speech disabilities? And having trouble communicating with your friends or relative while using your Samsung Galaxy s5. Don’t get upset, your problems will be solved today by using TTY mode Samsung galaxy s5.

Did you know what is TTY mode on a phone? If not, then don’t worry about it. We will tell you in this article so just stick to this article because your problem will be solved after reading this article.

What is TTY on a cell phone?

TTY mode on a cell phone is a feature of mobile phones that helps a person with disabilities in hearing and speaking to communicate with others using the TTY mode of Samsung galaxy s5. It is also known as teletypewriter or text telephone. TTY mode Samsung galaxy s5 translates the audio signal into text or word which displays on the screen of a person having hearing or speech disabilities. It also converts words into voice or audio signals. here comes an end for sections called What is TTY on cell phone,

Let’s move towards our next topic which is how TTY works.

How does TTY work?

TTY or teletypewriter is like a typewriter when a person with hearing and speech disabilities types a message. It circulates to the phone and display on the phone screens. It displays on both sides of mobile screens. You can turn on TTY in phone settings.

Types of action TTY device or mode.

TTY device or mode perform two types of action which are mentioned below:

  1. TTY HCO
  2. TTY VCO

 Let’s discuss these features in detail below:


TTY HCO stands for hearing carry-over.  In this feature, if you type using TTY. It converts the text into audio. If you type a message. It is delivered in the form of voice on the other hand. This is useful for a person having problems with speech.


TTY VCO stands for voice cover-over which means if you talk or record a voice. It will be delivered as a text message on the other hand. This is helpful for a person having problems with speech.

Steps for enabling TTY mode in Samsung Galaxy s5?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and don’t know how to enable it so follow these steps which are mentioned below:

Step 1. On the home screens, tap on the phone icon. Which is located on the lower left side.

Step.2 now, tap on the menu icon which is located in the upper right corner.

Step.3 Tap setting then taps call then tap more settings.

Step.4 now select or tap on TTY mode

Step.5 tap on one of the following

TTY off, which of all the features of TTY.

TTY fully enables all the features of TTY.


In the conclusion, if you are having problems in speech and hearing and want to communicate others with using the Samsung galaxy s5. You can easily communicate with TTY mode Samsung galaxy s5. The answer of What is TTY mode on a phone or what is TTY mode on cell phone is also given in this article. You can easily enable TTY in the phone setting. We hope your doubt about TTY is clear now.

Thanks for reading.