How Are Views Counted On Instagram Videos And Stories? Everything You Need To Know


In the recent era, Instagram is one of the top-most used social media platforms. There are so many people who use this application and there are many who don’t know how to use it.  However, there are many more users who want to know about the fact behind the Instagram views because they don’t know what counts as a view. So, don’t you today through this article we are going to tell you how Instagram counts view on your Instagram video and stories. A lot of Instagram users get confused that what views means, whether they are caused by another account or by them only. Read the article till the end, if you want to have information in detail about how do views work on Instagram? Have a look, let’s start the information discussion on what is a view on Instagram?

What counts as a view on Instagram? Or What does views mean on Instagram?

How does Instagram count views: On Instagram, a video view is given to you when a user checks your video for more than 3 seconds? That means if you are checking down your views than all the people whose view are counted are those who watched down the video for more than 3 seconds.

As everyone knows that, Instagram video counter gives a lot of importance to user engagement than likes and shares, so this is how the video view will be counted on Instagram. Furthermore, Instagram video view count is given if any user checked down your video for a second and scrolled down. The user should check down your video for at least 3 seconds, after that only a view will be counted. Therefore, if the user doesn’t watch your video for more than a second than this means that they are not interested in your views on Instagram videos.

The other question that is constantly raised by people is that either video gets Instagram view count or not when the user plays it with the audio or without audio. The answer is that your video will definitely get a view doesn’t matter if it is played with the audio or without audio. Therefore, these same rules apply to Instagram stories as well, so there is no need for explanation. Hence, this is how does Instagram count video views?

Does Instagram count multiple views?                                     

There are so many users who don’t know how do Instagram views work, multiple views work or not. Don’t worry, we are here with the answer, no Instagram does not count multiple views. In simple words, your video or post will be given only one view if users check it out for more than three seconds. But if users don’t see it for more than three seconds than view will not be given. Therefore, this same policy is applied for likes also. If you give two likes on a picture this doesn’t mean that Instagram will count it two. Hence, this is a very clear out policy that everyone should know about how does Instagram views work.

Does Instagram count your own views?

It is again one of the most common questions asked by the people and the answer to this yes. If you check your video for more than three seconds then definitely a view of yours will be given to the video of yours.

Her information gets complete on how do views on Instagram work? We hope that this information must have helped you out. Hence, to have something more on Instagram video views count let us know through comments.