Everything That You Need To Know About How Can One Format Windows 10 In Dell And Lenovo?

Image source: The Verge
Image source: The Verge

Has your laptop got attacked with a virus or any kind of malware issue? If yes, then here is the right place as we are going to tell you about how can one format Windows 10 in Dell, Lenovo, and HP. If interested in knowing about how do i format my laptop with windows 10, then read the article carefully.

How to format pc windows 10 for Lenovo?

You can easily format a Windows 10 from Lenovo laptop by using the hidden partition on the hard drive or from a recovery disc. With the name of the software and the disk and partition, you can back up your company data. After that, you can easily restore the original data back to its state. But remember to wipe down everything in the process. Have a look down below at the steps if interested in knowing how do I reformat my laptop windows 10?

STEP 1: First of all, plug the computer or laptop of yours into an AC outlet. After that turn it on and press F11 on the Lenovo logo screen to load rescue and recovery.

STEP 2: After that read the agreement properly and then click on to continue. After that select down the full restore option from the menu.

STEP 3: Click on the continue option and then choose factory recovery from options. Then click down to restore and click continue and press okay to confirm everything.

STEP 4: Click next on the product recovery screen and then select the terms and then click next to continue.

STEP 5: Click next to reformat your laptop and recover back your device in the factory condition now.

STEP 6: Here you are completely done. Now, restart your computer and everything is back to the factory product now. Hence, this is how to format my laptop windows 10?

How to format Dell laptop with Windows 10?

To format down the Dell laptop, follow down the below-mentioned steps to format pc. Read them carefully if you are interested to know how to completely format a laptop?

STEP 1: Open start and then go and click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen. After that, the start menu will be opened.

STEP 2: Open down the settings option and then click on the gear-shaped icon on the lower left side.

STEP 3: Click update and then go to security. This icon near the bottom of the setting window.

STEP 4: Go to the recovery tab, it is there on the left side of the window. (If you are interested in knowing how do I format my laptop with windows 10?)

STEP 5: Click on the get started option. This option is there below the Reset PC option at top of the page.

STEP 6: Now, click down to remove everything. This is the option that is there on the top of the popup window.

STEP 7: Click on to remove files and clean the drive properly now. This option will delete everything from your hard drive and then reinstall the windows.

STEP 8: Click reset now when prompted. Now, your computer will start resetting itself and you are completely done. Hence these were the steps that should be known by you about laptop formatting steps in Dell.

Hence, this is how do I format my laptop windows 10 on Dell and Lenovo devices. If you are interested in clearing out any query about how can format my laptop or knowing out anything then you should let us know through the comments area down below.