Download Cracked – PC and Android Games For Free

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Are you looking for cracked pc games, best apk site cracked. Then you are at the right site, in this article you will find the best sites to download the cracked games. You will find the most secured and trusted sites here. PC games have become much costlier over the years and people are forced to find alternatives to these paid games and apps cracked. Some fake sites are using this as an opportunity to make cracks that contain viruses, some sites only contain broken game files registry, which ultimately ends in wasting our time and data.

Finding cracked games and apps has never been so easy.

You can find the best-paid games and cracked apks on these sites to download free cracked pc and android games full version are provided below:-

a) Black market alpha

Black Market Alpha is one of the best alternatives for Google play store to download best cracked android apps site, it is the best-cracked android site for free.

b) Cracked-games

Pc games are available to download for free, all games are tested for viruses and it is recommended for people who are into pc games. Just scroll down and select your desired game and download it.

c) Fitgirl Repacks

The Fitgirl repacks site contains all kinds of repack and cracked games for pc, it does not require any verification to download and it’s absolutely free of cost.

 “Warp” is the most popular malware.

Downloading these cracked apk for android from some malicious site may appear to be working perfectly, which never means that your device is safe. Warp is the most famous method used by hackers to infiltrate the PC or android device. Warp is a combination of both the cracked apps and the malicious software together without causing any suspicion to steal the user’s data without the knowledge of the user.

Two most important android antivirus software used are the McAfee Mobile Security and the Avasta, it can be downloaded for free from ihackedit or onhax.

Virus hidden cracks have become a larger issue.

When downloading the crack files from illegal sites, the possibility of downloading a virus-free crack is very less. To prevent virus attacks we should download cracks that were recently uploaded into the sites or server rather than the cracks that have more clients. Install a reliable and good antivirus in your devices and never disable it for any reason. There is a constant clash between gaming companies and hackers as the games are encrypted for better security, the hackers find more methods to crack them. Maybe in the future, these sites will be able to provide hacker-proof games and apps cracks.


It is concluded that nearly all cracked apk and games both for pc and android are available for free in the above-mentioned sites and other sites. It is recommended to have active antivirus software before downloading. If you find the app malicious or if your PC or android phone gets slow, then uninstall these cracked games to prevent loss of damage and data in the device.