Creating An Invoice: 4 Essential Elements Every Good Invoice Needs

Creating an Invoice

Thirty-nine percent of US-based invoices fail to get paid on time. Most of these issues crop up due to issues with the invoice. Maybe this means it didn’t have enough information or maybe some of the information was not accurate.

By making sure that your invoice has all of the essential elements needed, you can improve your chance of getting paid on time as well as have a lesser chance of having to correct any mistakes you may have made.

Continue reading to learn which elements you need to include when you are creating an invoice for your customers.

  1. Brand Representation

It’s essential to make sure that you represent your brand on your invoices. When invoicing a customer, your invoice needs to stand out so that:

  • They remember which company you are from
  • What products they’ve purchased from you
  • Remember to make the payment

Does your invoice look and sound like it’s coming directly from you? Figure out how to incorporate your logo or company colors. Even the way that your invoice is worded should sound like you are speaking with them.

  1. Accurate Information

Having complete and accurate information is one of the most important invoice essentials to include on your invoice. This includes a unique invoice number to link your client to the product. A detailed, yet simple item description should also be included so that you and your customers can figure out which item is which.

It’s important to include your name and company information so that your customers can contact you if there is an issue with the invoice. You’ll also want your customer’s name and information in case you have to contact them about any issue regarding their order or their invoicing.

You can even download a free invoice template where you can plug your information in without forgetting anything important.

  1. Correct Dates and Prices

If your invoice has mistakes regarding the date payment is due and the cost of the items being sold, it can cost you in time and money. By double-checking that the information is correct the first time around, you will get paid in a timely manner and you won’t have to worry about having to refund money for mistakes with item costs and invoice totals.

  1. Easy Payment Options

The last thing your customers want to do when they receive an invoice is try to figure out how on earth they are supposed to make a payment. By including links to payment portals or even listing the different payment options that you offer. This will help make sure that you get your payments according to your preferred schedule.

Creating an Invoice for Your Customers

Creating an invoice for your customers doesn’t have to be too complicated. As long as you make sure that you have presented all of the information in a clear, concise manner, you don’t have to worry about delayed payments and/or preventable invoice mistakes.

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