Best Methods That You Can Use For Uninstalling Better Discord



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What is better discord?

Better discord is the Mod version of Discord in common language, literally a GB WhatsApp just like that Better Discord is a Mod version of discord with some great features. But recently due to some of the other reasons this better discord has been shut down and developers have introduced new software called better discord bandaged. This is also a discord having better themes and plugins so that you can easily customize the website according to your wishes. It is very much okay to know about Bandaged Better Discord but still, there are some of the people who are interested in knowing how to delete better discord.

Don’t you worry, if you are one of them then you should refer to this article as we are out with some methods of how to uninstall betterdiscord? Have a look down below to have all the detailed information on this.

What are the reasons for betterdiscord uninstall?

There are so many reasons people want to uninstall this discord. If you are interested in knowing about how to remove better discord, then check down the information below.

There are so many reasons like some discord servers are not working and many people are only interested in using some official applications and some reasons like app crashing and many more. These are the reasons why people want to better discord uninstall.

Is better discord safe?                                     

Yes, better discord is very much safe to use because it is having so many unique features that discord does not provide. This is a discord that is developed by professions and kept in public repositories like Github etc.

How do you uninstall betterdidcord? OR How to remove betterdiscord?

Like most of the other programs, better discord is also not having a remove better discord
button, so uninstalling it out is somewhere difficult. If you are interested in uninstalling then you shouldn’t worry because we have provided some of the methods of uninstalling it out. Have a look to know.

METHOD 1: Just install the official bandage better discord application so that the device itself clears down the better discord files. Later on, if you do not like the discord application then you can easily uninstall it just by clicking on the uninstall button.

METHOD 2: If you want to uninstall the bandaged better discord plugins application from the computer then refer to this method. Reinstalling discord will remove BD as well, whether we can’t say for sure but it does after the latest betterdiscord bandaged changes, if it doesn’t then you should follow the mentioned down steps.

1.      Go to %appdata%discord.0.300modulesdiscord_desktop_core.

2.      Now, delete the application folder and index.js.

3.      Rename the better bandaged discord index.js.old to index.js.

4.      Now, restart the discord and we are damn very sure that this will help you in solving out your problem.

Therefore, this is how you can uninstall the better discord bandagedfrom your device. If the problem is yet not solved by uninstalling better discord then don’t forget to raise your concern in the comment section down below. We will try to provide some more bandaged bd discord methods, till the time get connected and read exciting articles.