Are Intel Evo Laptops Right for You? What You Need to Know

Intel Evo Laptops
Credit: Lenovo

Desktop computer sales have been dropping for the last 10 years. More and more people are buying laptops, as their convenience can’t be beaten.

Consumers and companies alike prefer the flexibility offered by the modern laptop. This is especially true for those who can work remotely, and often spend time working from home as well as the office.

A mobile workstation allows for constant productivity. But not all laptops are created equal, and not all promote a totally productive work hardware setup.

There’s where Intel Evo laptops come in. Intel Evo certified laptops offer the best-in-class hardware for unmatched performance, without sacrificing portability and ease of use.

So what is Intel Evo, and how can an Intel computer benefit you? Keep reading down below to find out if these laptop computers are right for you.

What Are Intel Evo Laptops?

So what is Intel Evo, and how does it affect the design and performance of a laptop?

Intel is a chip company. They produce computer processors that are used in most computers on the market today. They don’t produce end-to-end computers, but rather produce the engine that powers the bulk of all computers.

Intel researched what computer users actually want out of computers. They researched the pain points that people had with the wide array of laptops that were already available.

Then they put together an initiative called Project Athena, which they would later change the name to Intel Evo.

Intel Evo is a set of strict standards that Intel sets for its partner manufacturers. These standards set out to create the most productive, most powerful, most portable user-friendly laptops in the world.

Intel Evo laptop standards are so high that most computers can’t come close. However, partner manufacturers, like Lenovo, have worked directly with Intel to produce laptop computers from the ground up that meet these standards.

The result is the perfect balance of laptop speed, power, battery life, and surprisingly low weight and thin profile. The Intel Evo platform is now a badge that is worn by the laptops that make the cut, ensuring consumers are getting the most bang for their buck.

Unmatched Power and Speed

Everyone wants a powerful laptop that runs fast and smoothly, even with many web pages and applications open at the same time. Traditionally, the laptops that have achieved this goal have had to use larger hardware, resulting in thicker, heavier laptops.

But with Intel Evo, laptop makers need to use the latest Intel 11th Gen Core i5 or i7 processor, which provides ample amounts of power without adding space or weight to the laptop.

Laptops will also use integrated Iris Xe graphics, as opposed to a dedicated graphics card. Iris Xe integrated graphics have been tested against some of the higher-end graphics cards to produce competitive results in many use cases, including gaming.

Unless you play the heaviest, fastest online computer games, the Iris Xe integrated graphics will provide you with everything you need visually.

This Intel Evo processor and platform empowers the computer to perform exceptionally well under real-world usage. Here’s how you can benefit from this platform.

Long-Lasting Battery

Intel Evo laptops are required to have a battery life of at least 9 hours under normal use. This is different from other laptop claims that boast ultra-long battery life if you use your computer on the lowest brightness setting and only use open one web page at a time.

But Intel knows that users need a laptop that can get them through an entire workday. So these laptops will last all day at a brightness of 250 nits, all while running multiple native and cloud applications and having multiple web pages open at a time.

So using a laptop like a normal person finally allows you to get a long-lasting battery, so you aren’t glued to a wall outlet all day.

Plus, Evo-certified laptops need to be able to receive at least four hours’ worth of battery after only 30 minutes of charging. This gives you another huge stretch of laptop use after only taking a short charging break.

Fast Wake up Time

With an Intel Evo laptop, you can finally use your laptop at the spur of the moment. Normal laptops take a few seconds to start working after you wake them up. Even once awake, they are often very slow for a full minute or two.

But Intel Evo laptops need to be fully awake in less than a second after flipping the lid. There can’t be delays in speed or performance, or it won’t receive the Evo badge.

So you’ll be able to take one of these laptops anywhere, and use it at any time, without any long delays. It’s perfect for those who look for moments in time to be productive, such as in the airport, on an Uber, or wherever your busy life takes you.

Unmatched Wireless Performance

Intel Evo laptops are all equipped with wifi-6 compatibility. Wifi-6 offers numerous upgrades over previous iterations of wifi that we have all been using, whether we realize it or not.

The biggest benefit, and the most tangible to average users, is faster speeds. Increased bandwidth results in much faster upload and download speeds.

So with your Intel Evo laptop, if you upgrade your home wifi network to wifi-6, or find a connection out in the world, you’ll notice killer browsing and download speeds, especially in regards to the larger file sizes we are all using.

Your computer will also run faster when watching videos, or while gaming or streaming. You’ll experience much less latency, as wifi-6 functionality can handle a lot more network traffic.

Having a wifi-6 network at home will prioritize your internet bandwidth much more efficiently across all your connected devices so that your laptop gets the best possible connection.

Even without a wifi-6 connection, your Evo laptop should still run noticeably faster on whatever network you are on compared to non-Evo laptops.

Plenty of Wired Options

Evo laptops come with Thunderbolt 4 ports, allowing you to transfer data between your laptop and external devices at the fastest possible speeds on the planet.

These ports have 40Gbps bidirectional bandwidth for unmatched speed. And you can charge your laptop, transfer data, and broadcast your screen to an external monitor all with one thunderbolt 4 port, so you don’t have to deal with so many different cables plugged into your laptop at one time.

Sleek Designs

Evo-certified laptops aren’t just thoughtfully designed on the inside but look great on the outside as well. Laptops will have very thin bezels to maximize screen space.

They are also meant to push the limits when it comes to thin, lightweight laptops. For example, the Lenovo Yoga i9, a 2-in-1 Evo-certified laptop that weighs less than 3 lbs. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1, with all of the power and features of the Intel Evo platform, weighs just 2.5 lbs.

And at 14.9mm thick, or about half an inch, this sleek, thin computer can fit in any bag and is easy to take with you anywhere.

If you use your laptop in many different rooms and settings in your home, having an Evo-certified laptop that is easy to move around will be a huge convenience.

Likewise, if you frequent coffee shops, coworking spaces, or plan to do some long-term traveling while you work, a laptop of this caliber will be a joy, not a burden, to carry with you everywhere you go.

And since they look so modern and slick, you won’t feel the least bit insecure at a table full of MacBooks. In fact, with that Evo badge on the shell, you might even get some jealous stares.

Who Would Benefit From Intel Evo Laptops?

These Intel Evo laptops sound pretty impressive, right? But who are they for?

They aren’t the cheapest laptops on the market. Utilizing the latest technology and creating sleek, minimal designs that don’t sacrifice functionality is naturally more expensive. So who should make the investment?

If you use your computer for work, whether as an employee, a self-employed worker, or a business owner, Intel Evo laptops are one of the best choices for a mobile computer.

Content creators, such as those producing photos and videos, or making any type of digital art, would benefit from the speed and power offered by these computers.

And the digital nomad, whether a full-time or part-time travel, will find these computers to be extremely reliable. They will appreciate the portability, as they need to carry all of their belongings on their back on a regular basis.

If you’re a casual computer user, who just needs to browse the web, check social media, and watch Netflix, Intel Evo laptops are a great choice. But you can get a competent device for much less.

However, if you want to add some heavy-duty hobbies, like gaming, then these make great all-around computers for use at home.

A Solid Laptop for Demanding Users

For those who love using the Windows operating system, Intel Evo laptops are the new gold standard. They prioritize the latest, most powerful technology in the sleekest, most minimal designs to create some of the most user-friendly laptops on the market.

For those who make money with their laptop, or use them for important tasks, they are worth the investment. For casual computer users, you can find a cheaper option that will meet your needs.

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