Android Clipboard/Cliptray – LG G4

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Cliptray is a taskbar application. Which is not effectively available like other applications or settings that can be evaluated effectively in your Android Gadget. New model android mobiles can store double the information than the old models. Clipboard is likewise alluded to as clip tray and is available in both the android and Pc gadgets.

What is a clipboard

Clipboard is like a little extra storage room for replicated or copied text and picture for a brief period, almost 20 things can be stored in it without any problem and is regularly used to engrave pictures and text from one spot to the next by permitting you to take over the control of the action.

Discovering the lg g4 clip tray

For replicating these photographs and messages from your storage to your online social media accounts simply follow the steps and do as it is given beneath:-

1. First you are needed to utilize the messaging application on your android gadget.

2. Enter content in the message bar.

3. Subsequent to composing the message, copy the same.

4. What’s more, presently continue on to your ideal area and select the paste choice present in the menu to paste the text or image.

5. After that, erase the message in the clipboard.

Opening clipboard in a simple way.

Are you a LG MOBILE client, you might think that it’s distressing when you attempt to open your clipboard, and it may be somewhat harder for you than other device users to get to this clipboard menu in your gadget and the significant explanation for is that these mobile phones does not have expertise in these functions. You can figure out how to move to this clipboard using alternative method by copying the typed content in your search bar and after copying only one item it will be saved, if you try to copy any new content then the 1st content which was already copied will get erased automatically and the 2nd item will be stored in the clip tray.

Best Option for the clipboard

There are numerous android applications that offer this function; however I prescribe you to utilize clipper application. These applications deal with or manage the action typically performed by the clipboard. There is no requirement for you to use this application or you don’t have to pay for this application as it is accessible in the play store for free of cost to download. And if you have issues identifying the android clip tray. This application offers you its own storage and permits the android client to duplicate and save the information. The clipper application stockpiling will permit us to investigate the copied history.

Where is my clasp plate and how to clear it

The majority of users when they attempt to discover the cliptray information or function they need to use this method to clear the clip tray data by selecting a blank text field and then select ‘more options’ in this menu to find the cliptray option which allows you to delete the data.

How can i delete my clip tray data

Where is my clip tray? To erase your Clipboard follow this straightforward methodology.

  1. It is possible to get to the clipboard from your gadget console in the message or the Google search engine,
    2.       Now tap and hold the Google search bar, shortly you will discover two choices showing up on the screen and simply select the Clipboard or cliptray option.
    3.       When the clipboard option is opened select the dustbin symbol and use that bin symbol to erase undesirable things in your clipboard.


We have investigated the working of Clipboard. Cliptray or Clipboard has a similar capacity yet utilized in various gadgets. We can utilize it to save our Text and pictures for a particular time period. It tends to be utilized in various social media platforms like Instagram, facebook. If you don’t have the clip tray option in your android device, you could use Playstore to download the alternative apps, don’t download these apps from unknown sources.