4 Types Of Gear Cutting Tools


Gear cutting equipment and tools are the important instruments in the gear cutting procedures. These are used in different processes such as hobbing, broaching, grinding, shaping and finishing processes. Various manufacturers make such gear cutting tools that are used in different machine processes to get the work done easily and efficiently. Different manufacturers manufacture such equipment for the smooth conduct of processes. There are different types of gear cutting tools. Here in this, we will discuss the same in detail:

  1. Gear hobs: The tool used in the hobbing process is the gear hobs. There are made with precision for making the spur and helical gears. They generally have a diameter of 20-300 mm and are made using high-speed steels. These can also be certified to ensure their accuracy. These are used for either single or multi-start for finishing the process, or pre-grinding. These further include involute spline hobs, single thread involute hobs, worm gear hobs, sprocket hobs, straight key spline hobs, special form hobs, shank hobs and special drive hobs.
  2. Gear shaper cutter: Another tool that is commonly used is the gear shaper cutter. These are generally manufactured for different purposes of spur and helical gears, involute splines and straight splines and others. These are available in different shapes and sizes. It can be disc-shaped, tank, hub or extended boss shaped. These can even be customised as per the specifications of the customer for greater productivity. These further include disc type gear shaper cutter, tank-type gear shaper cutter, and helical type gear shaper cutter and extended back boss-type gear shaper cutter. The diameter ranges between 10-250mm.
  3. Power skiving tools and cutters: This has been the latest advantage in the field that help in the continuous gear cutting process. This power skiving tools have enabled the production of both spur gear and the helical gear in both internal and external gears. These are made of high-speed steels and are available in all PVD coating. These are a kind of special-purpose machine as these enable a higher number of cuts per unit time. This helps in short cycles and quality production of gears with a low level of roughness.
  4. Milling cutters: This is one another type of tool used in gear cutting. These are manufactured for major tooth forms from the basic involuted to special splines. With the coming up of the latest technologies, these are manufactured with high pitch accuracies. These include rack milling cutters, involute gear cutter, worm milling cutter and special form milling cutter.

Apart from these, there can be master gear tools, flat thread rolling dies, or gear shaving cutters. These could now be customised to meet the need and specifications of the customer. These were the different types of gear cutting toolsOne should choose the right manufacturer of these tools after proper evaluation and feedback to get the best quality products and tools at the appropriate prices. These also decide the productivity and outcome of the further processes, so these should be selected after a thorough evaluation.